Shrikhande Clinic

About Shrikhande Clinic

Shrikhande Clinic was established in1977 by Prof. V.N.Shrikhande.  Its guiding principle has been "To provide excellent medical service to all sections of the society”.  It has consistently been  widely recognized as a center for  excellence in Gall-bladder Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Gastro-intestinal Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Therapeutic Endoscopy.  Our experience has confirmed our belief that it is possible to offer excellent patient care in an ethical and efficient manner in a small setup.  Small is not only beautiful but it is also possible and efficient.

Located in the quiet and green environs of Hindu Colony, Dadar (E), in the heart of central Mumbai, Shrikhande clinic is a 20 bedded private hospital registered with BMC.  The rooms are spacious with large windows allowing  a bright, cheerful and airy ambiance. All rooms have independent bathrooms.  Patients have a choice of Non-Ac,Air-conditioned and Deluxe rooms.  It has a state of the art operation theatre specifically designed for the types of surgical procedures it specializes in.  It is supported by a paramedical staff of 17 comprising of trained, experienced and long serving personnel.  The clinic offers the very best to patients with biliary, pancreatic and gastro-intestinal (benign and malignant) problems.  It is also equipped with modern and complete range of Videoendoscopic Equipment comprising of Video Gatroscopes and Video Colonoscopes. The laparoscopic surgery setup includes 3-chip cameras,  High Defintion TV,  Ultrasonic Dissector(Harmonic Scalpel), ValleyLab Electro-surgical Unit, autoclavable instruments and the latest Image-Grabbing software.

Due to its centralized location, it has the support of other allied specialities such as pathology, cardiology, internal medicine, radiology, haemotology, urology and orthopaedics;  these centers are situated within walking distances of one another.  It is not just sheer coincidence that some of the leading medical professionals of national eminence practice in this area.